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Oxy-Gen Air Freshener

Oxy-Gen Air Freshener

The revolutionary Oxy-Gen Air Freshener is the world’s first oxygen based dispenser. No other air freshener uses oxygen based delivery for its pure natural oil based aromas. This technology can help offices reduce their carbon footprint and is ideal for GreenStar building certification.

The Oxy-Gen Air Freshener does not just mask malodours, it actually eliminates them. When released, the fragrance molecules diffuse into the air in the room and push out the competing malodour molecules completely.

  • Modern, compact, sleek design ensures maximum air circulation
  • Batteries replaced each service
  • Choose from a variety of fragrances

Automatic air freshener

Automatic wall mounted air fresheners are programmed to dispense a measured dose of fragrance at selected intervals.

The unique dispenser is designed to last longer and reduce interruptions in your workplace for servicing and Alsco will manage a customised service schedule to suit your requirements.

  • Batteries replaced each service
  • Atomiser replaced each service
  • Customised service schedule
Fresh & Clean Managed Rental Service

Simply buying some air fresheners or soap dispensers is not enough. Your washroom needs to be constantly maintained, which is why replenishing and servicing your washroom products are core aspects of our fully managed service.

We refill and sanitise your washroom products, exchange any damaged ones, and keep the cycle going in accordance with an agreed timetable so your business standards never fall.

This way, your customers and employees will always be sure to work in a clean environment, while you enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing everything is being taken care of.

  • Hassle-Free and Flexible Want to change your order? Sure! Just order with our staff.
  • Agreed Delivery Schedules Delivered on time, when needed. Adjust for peak seasons.
  • Tax Deductible Take advantage of the savings.
  • Cleaned, Sanitised, Repaired Maintain a consistently professional image all year round.
  • No Capital Outlay Required Reduce the burden on your cash flow by renting instead of buying.